Exposing manipulated media content

Disinformation and media manipulation can strongly influence people’s perception on information and their opinion-formation. This became apparent not least during the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Here, we use the term “manipulation” in a broad sense not only covering the modification of existing content but also the use of (genuine) media with malicious intent (e.g. Cybergrooming).

The REVISE research area in ATHENE is concerned with methods to detect disinformation and manipulation in different types of media, including video, image, audio or text, or a combination thereof.

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ChatGPT or human author?

ATHENE scientists conduct research on automated detection capabilities.

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CheckThat! Lab at CLEF 2023

Lab at CLEF 2023, Task 1: Check-Worthiness in Multimodal and Multigenre Content | 1. Platz von Subtask 1A English

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"Wir leben im Zeitalter der Scams"

ChatGPT, Voice Cloning und Co. vereinfachen auch digitale Betrugsmaschen

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